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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Snapshot: Weekend Date with the Husband

For the past month, Husband and I have been spending weekends either with relatives and friends or we're busy buying stuff for the home. So this weekend, we declared it as a Weekend Date, where we exclusively just hang out with each other and stay home and do anything we want (but that includes chores hehehe).

Friday night, we had dinner at The Rocks to watch the lighting of the Christmas Chair Tree. While having dinner we were entertained by a Hawaiian Band and an acapella group singing Christmas songs. It was so lovely. Our Friday dinner date ended us having coffee at Starbucks where I had my Christmas favorite "Toffee Nut Latte."

Saturday, I was pretty busy in the kitchen as I cooked a lot of stuff like Spam, Egg and Fried Rice (I usually cook something unhealthy for breakfast once a week as a sort of treat for eating cereal for the rest of the week), Menudo and Fat Burning Soup. While I was busy cooking, Husband assembled our Tallboy cabinet.

Since it's summer here in Australia, we welcomed the first summer weekend by having Halo-halo and Turon for afternoon snacks.
After our delicious afternoon snack, we had a bit of re-arranging of furnitures. Our bedroom really looks like a bedroom now (Yay!). Now we only need to find lampshades we like for our side tables.

Sunday morning was just spent at the shops for some grocery and a little Christmas shopping.
Weekends like these are priceless. Although we do enjoy spending time with relatives and families, it's always good to re-connect with each other every chance we get.

May you all have a blessed week!