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Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Thought Bubbles

I've got so many things on my mind, I just need to unload some so pardon the randomness.

  • First week of the New Year and our clan is saddened by the demise of a family member, one of my uncles. It was very sudden and we're all in shocked when it happened. *sigh*. Our hearts are grieving with my aunt's and cousins' loss.
  • This month is my birthday month and our anniversary!!!
  • I'm looking forward to my time off work a week after next.
  • I'm thinking of going on a blog hiatus. A little part of me is getting tired. However, this morning I also realized that the reason why I write and share information via the blogosphere is because teaching/training is innate in me---I have a passion to teach...and other than work, it is via the blogosphere that I have the opportunity to teach, and that's why I love writing now more than ever.
  • I'm glad it's Friday today! I congratulate myself for being able to come to work for five days straight (it's not easy when you're used to working four days a week sometimes). The first week after the Christmas/New Year Holidays is always the hardest. It's like my mind lacks its usual organizational skills or something. I get to finish tasks but I'm a bit slow, my mind keeps wandering somewhere. The good thing is, I like being at work and I love what I do.

Okay, back to work.