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Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: Working on the Sydney's New Year Fireworks Album

This weekend, I found some time to work on the photos I will be publishing for my Sydney's New Year Fireworks Photoblog. Since I was also busy with organizing stuff at home, I wasn't able to finish working on the album. I can only share this photo for now.
And with this photo, let me also greet all Weekenders a happy new year!


Weekend at home was quite busy due to our goal of turning our "storage room" into a real guest room. When we moved in to our unit, we put all our boxes and luggages that need sorting and organizing in the guest room (that's why we call it a storage room for months). Over the Christmas break, we were able to sort out our clothes, bags, shoes and important documents. We're not yet done but at least we can now see a space where we can put a bed. :)
Oh, and we were able to put away our Christmas decors too! :)