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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spam Messages Using My YM I.D.

To anyone who receives a message from me via Yahoo Messenger recommending some diet tea...PLEASE DISREGARD THE MESSAGE. That is not me messaging you but some kind of spam message from Yahoo.

The message is about some diet tea DAW that I use----OF COURSE THAT IS NOT TRUE. I'm not a follower of any diet or a drinker of any diet tea whatsoever. Just for the record, I'm not a believer of diets, I'M A BELIEVER OF MAINTAINING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, which means eating a balanced diet and engaging in exercise. In the past I've tried (for the sake of trying) to drink a detox tea but as soon as I saw the bad effects on my body, I stopped--that was the end of detox tea for me.

I'm pissed off that Yahoo would use my YM I.D. for spreading this spam message when in fact I have a website I'm responsible for spreading information for. Not good. Now I'm thinking of creating another Yahoo address which I don't want to do anymore.

Anyway, to my friends in YM, please know better. I'm usually offline so please if it's about DIETS of some kind asking you to check out a website---IT'S NOT ME. For one, it's not in my character to spread out information by sending messages ONE BY ONE (that's tedious ha?) to my YM friends. I'm busy and I don't have to do something like that---I'd rather blog about it when I want to share something.

What a way to start the morning...hayyyyy.

Good morning and happy heart's day, by the way.