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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Badminton

After a long break from playing badminton (due to my wrist tendonitis) I finally went back to the court to play again. And boy, it felt really really good to be playing a sport I've loved all my life.
Warmed-up as soon as we arrived. As much as I wanted to play a lot in the two hours that we were there, I psyched myself up to take it easy and spend lots of breaks in between playing. It's been awhile since I've played and I don't want my muscles to get very shocked, plus I didn't want to hurt my wrist again.
And then the games began. It felt good to be sweating again. And it felt good to feel those muscles flex and stretch, i love it!
We rented the court for two hours and when the time was up, Evan suddenly hurt his ankle which signalled that playing is indeed over. We hovered around him asking him how he is, when Hilda answered "malayo sa bituka", we all laughed.
The happy badminton photo before we left.
The husband took lots of photos of me while playing and when I looked at them, I realized some things:
(a) Na serious din naman pala ako pag pumapalo ng shuttlecock. I laugh and I'm very playful inside the court even when competing pero pala pag game na talaga, serious pala ang face ko haha. I found out (thru the photos) that I have a certain pout when I play.
(b) That sometimes I close my eyes when I smash.
(c) That I move and stretch like a dancer when I try to hit the shuttlecock. I have to thank my training in dancing for that, I never really noticed how I moved inside the court until yesterday.
(d) That there's a part of me that will once in a while miss competing. I miss wearing my trainers, my Nikes, my racket--holding it and playing with it, bringing tons of water, drinking Gatorade, running towards the game venue from the time I got off my ride as a part of my warm-up, doing warm-ups, late night trainings after school and work (kasi hanggang sa work naglaro ako), being inside the court with nothing on mind but the game and only the game and hanging out with players who eventually became my friends. Lots of good memories and learnings I've gained thru this sport.
Now that I'm playing (for recreation only) again, I hope my wrist tendonitis doesn't come back coz if it does, I would have to put my racket back into storage--which I would'nt want to happen. We'll see how it goes. For now, I'm just happy that I'm back doing one of the things I love.