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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Awesome Day at Taronga Zoo

Today was an awesome day!!!!!!

We were blessed to get free passes to Taronga Zoo today so Chris and I grabbed the opportunity (and took an emergency day-off) as something like this is a once in a lifetime chance to spend a day in Taronga Zoo for free (thanks to our family friend who gave us passes).

Taronga Zoo is the biggest zoo in Sydney and also the most expensive (AUD$41.00 per adult). Chris and I have never been to this zoo before. We really waited for my parents to visit and decided that it would be best to explore Taronga Zoo with them. Then came the surprise yesterday when a family friend told us that he got us passes for today.

Located in the north side of the harbour (hence, the very nice view of the Sydney cityscape), Taronga Zoo is home to more than 2,660 animals.

The zoo is segregated in different areas:

(1) Wild Australia where you can find your Aussie favorites: Kangaroos, Koalas and Emus.

(2) Australian Nightlife where you can find Bats and Rats. This was a scary area for me. It was so dark inside this cave-like rooms, then they have this sound effects that you usually hear when you watch a horror movie.

(3) Great Southern Oceans where you can the Penguins, Pelicans and...


We watched the Seal Show at 11:00AM and it was very entertaining. It was so fun watching them, they're so smart and funny.

Near the Great Southern Oceans area is where you can find the Gorillas. They weren't particularly a member of any area, but they are placed in the middle of the zoo.

(4) Wild Asia is where you can find the Elephants!!!!

This photo was taken during the Elephant show at 1:00PM. This was also an entertaining show.

(5) African Waterhole was our last stop as we wanted to save the best for last---this is where you can find the Zebras...

and the high-and-mighty Giraffes!!! I love them...I was soooo in awe of their cuteness.

I want to bring one home!!! hehe.

Some animals (like the Tigers and Bears) were asleep during lunchtime, probably because they just had lunch and were too full, hence, it made them sleepy (parang tao rin hehe). So we didn't have decent pictures of those sleepyheads.

We spent a good five hours in Taronga Zoo and I felt like a kid the whole time we were there, especially that we're with my parents. It reminded me of our trips to Manila Zoo when I was a kid. I vaguely remember the animals and the place but I remember the feeling of hanging out with my parents and being a kid in awe of the spectacle of nature infront of me.

This is a very memorable experience for me as for the past two years, I've dreamt of sharing my love for the zoo with my parents. Chris and I have been to zoos in other countries but this one tops them all, simply because we shared this awesome experience with my parents.

Photos of animals courtesy of my Husband Chris.