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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What We Would Love for 2010 to Look Like

This was supposed to be an entry published at the start of the year but due to so many things going on in our family, work and social lives, I keep on bumping off writing this.

The first quarter of the year is over. I'm overwhelmed by how time's going too fast. I might be paranoid but I don't really think so. My Husband and I had very full, productive and busy weeks in the past three months and we're very happy with what we have achieved so far, both as a couple and individually.

Before 2010 started, one of the things that my Husband and I talked about was how we want our 2010 to look like. Here are some of them:

More days and weekends of rest. Part of the things I manage at home is our social calendar. So yes, if we look like we're always out with relatives and friends, I'm mostly to blame for that. My Husband specifically requested that I put more time for rest and relaxation on days when we don't have work and to minimize going out at night. Last year, we hibernated during the winter months but apparently that is not enough, so more restful days it will be for this year. I will definitely try my best to make this happen because it also coincides with our other goal which is...

Health comes first. After two major surgeries in my lifetime, I get the message. Stress is my number one nemesis and since my doctors have always told me "If you feel pain, then that is a sign that you have to take it slow and rest." And since I don't want to be hospitalized again for surgical reasons and it's really not wise to wait for pain to settle in, I'm taking this advice up another notch. Nowadays, I'm learning how to say "no" to extra commitments. I have realized I can only handle so much and that I don't have to be at every gimik that friends asks us to attend.

Work. Our careers are getting busier by the minute but we love the opportunity that our work brings to us. Some days, it's a challenge to juggle work and home responsibilities but we are trying to be as flexible as possible.

Travel. There are travel plans this year but it is not a priority. However, we hope to be able to visit some nearby places around NSW and we are preparing a trip out of the country to attend a wedding.

Photography. Acquisition of a few gears and doing photowalks are part of our plans for this year. We also hope that either one of us can attend a workshop in creative photography. We are also looking forward to a few events and photoshoots that we will cover.

Blogging. I have received an email from one of my e-pals who is also a follower of this blog and he has commended the streamlining of my entries. Thank you for that. I'm trying my best to share as much information as I can with as little time I have these days. It is not easy finding time to blog nowadays as compared to two years ago due to the demands of my work. I have several drafts that seem to be piling up and I really need to write more to get rid of it and for my blog to be updated. I'm still figuring out how to go about "working smartly" with regards to my blogging. The good news is, I'm more diligent now when it comes to commenting back and visiting other blogs. In a few days, I hope to get my blog and photoblog on track.

Limit time online. I know, it's ironic that I want my blog to be updated and yet I'm limiting my time online. That's basically the reason why my blog isn't updated. There are days when I don't turn on my computer at home and just cook, rest and watch TV. There are stories that I don't get to share anymore because I just don't have time and energy to go online. Reality is, I really don't have the luxury of time nowadays as compared to when I started blogging. And I also don't think it's healthy to be online all the time so I'm doing it in moderation. I'm a work in progress here in terms of balancing my time online, so goodluck to me in finding the right formula on this one.

These are a few of those things that we would like to happen in 2010. We're happy with how our 1st quarter had been and we hope that in the coming months, our plans and wishes will fall into places.