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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dr. Phil's Advice On Getting Married

Sharing with you a very logical advice on getting married. I highlighted the values that my Husband and I believed in when it comes to our concept of preparing for a marriage. We read this a year before we wed and it was one of those things that gave us additional realization that we were indeed ready for marriage.

I hope soon-to-be newlyweds (and maybe even married couples) could learn something from this. Read on and enjoy!

Dr. Phil's Advice On Getting Married

Everybody has core characteristics in their personality. Any incompatibility you experience with your partner won't magically change. If you don't address it before the wedding, they will only get worse and worse.
Wedding papers change nothing!

If you're divorced and have children, and ditto goes for your partner, that's a huge deal! You're not only merging two lives together, you're merging two families with history. Work out issues until the threats of canceling the wedding stop, before walking down the aisle

Too many people fall into the trap of preparing for the wedding, and not the marriage.
Prepare for the marriage, and enjoy your wedding.

Remember your wedding is just a day,
marriage is a lifetime.

You shouldn't say we're going to get married on X day. You need to say we're going to get married when we've done the work to resolve the problems and we have a plan. Then, and only then, when you have a life plan and you feel good about each other, should you claim that victory by walking down the aisle.

If you really love each other, and want to get married, you will do the work to get to that point.

For people very young and in love, don't put the adult phase into a preparation phase.
You need to be an individual alone, before you can be an individual in a partnership. Grow and experience by yourself, before making the decision to get married.

If you haven't done your homework, and things start to fall apart in your marriage, your child pays the price.