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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Affirmation for the Week: The Universe Will Take Care of Me

No matter what happens,

the Universe will

take care of me.

This affirmation is about believing that the universe has a way of helping us. It is about putting faith in the universe/God that whatever happens, it has all been planned and there are answers already, given that we also do our part. Whatever challenges and/or concerns one is facing, he/she should be comforted by the thought that whatever he/she needs, it will be given in time.

This affirmation is very helpful during times of anxiety; when one is longing for someone to come along or wishing for something to happen or when one is lifting his/her worries to the universe/God/fates.

Child of the Universe (a poem by L.C. Brown)

The universe exploded,
A piece became the earth.
I rode in on a meteror,
Its crash was my birth.
Lava took me for a ride,
To cool in the sea.
I waited for millions of years,
For nature to use me.
I became a child of the universe,
With no place to go.
Then God gave life a meaning,
That's how I got my soul.

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Wishing everyone a great week ahead!