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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Afternoon Delight at Starbucks

The plan was just to get caramel sundae at McDonald's but what was supposed to be just less than a 5-minute drive turned out to be more than an hour joyride that lead us to Starbucks, three suburbs away from where we live.

This Starbucks branch has a drive-thru...

During winter, I always order their Signature Hot Chocolate. The Husband ordered for the both of us and surprised me by requesting the barista to add marshmallows on top :) How sweet. He knows that I love marshmallows.

Then he added a dash of chocolate powder on top before handing it over to me. :)

I brought along baon for our afternoon snack--Hopia Combi (queso and ube). We were supposed to really eat these had we stayed home so I brought it with me.

Other than eat, we just hung out there for a bit, enjoyed our drinks and cam whored. We were both in the mood to practice taking shots using the 50mm lens. I haven't been using it lately as I primarily used the 18-55mm lens (that one I broke) for blogging. So now, I need to brush up my skills on the 50mm since I think I will be using this more often. Thru the use of this lens, I realized na lalo kong napa-practice ang pagtanggal ng camera shakes ko and for me, that's one of the most important things in order to achieve a good photograph. One may know the technicalities of photography but if you are prone to camera shakes, the photos you've captured could be useless. I've had so many photos that was put to waste just because it was blurry due to camera shakes. After two years of doing photography and a lot of pang-aasar from the Husband (my best and worst critic), thank goodness, I'm improving.

Anyway, we went home with more than a hundred photographs just by hanging out for 45 minutes at Starbucks. That is quite normal for us. Pag nasa cafe kami at kung nasa mood kami, sometimes wala kaming ginawa kungdi mag-pose at mag-picture. It's like a game to us--one becomes a photographer and the other a model. Pinagtri-tripan namin ang isa't-isa actually hehe. For example, if I'm the one holding the camera, I'd ask the Husband poses such as "galit", "masaya", "excited", "natatakot", "gigil", "nginig"...until the requests become weirder or funnier ("kunwari nakakita mo ang ex-girlfriend mo!")--pa-kwelahan ng utos at pose. And we'd end up laughing our hearts out when we review our photos. While reviewing the photos, pa-kwelahan naman ng captions hehe. Kababawan ever! :)