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Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Me" Time Can Sometimes Be Sushi Time

I've been known to spending "Me" times with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a cake to go with it. But there are "Me" times of mine, I spend it with Sushi.

The Husband is out with friends tonight and so I went to the mall to see an Optometrist. Before I went home, I dropped by the sushi place and bought myself dinner.

Last night, I teased the Husband: "Yay! You're going out, I don't have to cook dinner and I'll have the house to myself!!!" Hehe. I don't mind cooking for us, but I have to admit that preparing dinner after arriving from work takes a lot of effort sometimes especially when I had a long day at the office. The Husband doesn't pressure me to cook all the time, he actually eats anything I lay on the table. But I can't bear not cooking and just buy take-away food. Once in a while I make an exception, but I really prefer that meals at home are freshly cooked and I know where the ingredients come from.

Anyway, since it's only me tonight, I decided to buy sushi for my dinner as I enjoyed watching "Glee" on TV. It was the episode where they sang "Defying Gravity", my favorite song from one of my favorite musicals "Wicked". I'm one happy camper.

I had a productive "Me" time at the mall after work today. Pag may gimik si Husband, natataranta ako dahil parang ang dami kong gustong gawin o puntahan---hindi ko malaman kung saang mall ako susuot hehe.
This afternoon, instead of window shopping (that sometimes results to buying stuff I don't need), I decided to finally see an Optometrist. I was due for a check-up in September but I've been putting it off (I have my eyes check once a year).

The main reason why I needed to see him, other than have my eyes checked, was because I broke my eyeglasses yesterday. So I brought it there to get it fixed and at the same time buy a new 2nd pair of glasses so I'll have one for the office and one for the home or at least if something happens to either one of them, I'll have a back-up. The bad news is the glasses I broke had to be shipped to some woop woop place because they don't have a certain part for the glasses in stock, so that will take a few days to be repaired. The good new is they have put my new glasses in the "rush" list so that I can pick it up in a few days. They asked me if I can survive without glasses and I said "I think I can". I'm just going to take it easy and give my eyes lots of rest so it can function normally for the next couple of days.

On my way home, I realized that I will be watching a musical tomorrow night and I need glasses when I watch stuff like that. Ayayay! Tomorrow, I'll just drop by the chemist and buy temporary prescription glasses (the cheap ones). Hope that helps.

Other than buy new glasses, I had my eyes checked and the verdict was it is generally healthy. I was a bit worried because two weeks ago, I had an eye infection that lasted for almost a week (didn't go to work for two days). I told the Optometrist what happened and he gave me eyepad cleansers for cleaning my eyelids. He asked me what activities I do that involves the eyes. When I mentioned to him about photography, he gave me this optical lens cleaner that he said might help in cleaning the viewfinder of my camera. He said hopefully it disinfects my viewfinder so the germs won't get transported to my eyes. That was very nice of him.

What about you? Have you had your eyes checked lately? According to the Optometrist, our eyes should be checked at least once a year.