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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Day-Off and A Chocolate Mud Cake

It's been three weeks since I've taken a day-off and I've never been more glad to finally have time off from work today.  For days, I've been looking forward to just-being-a-wifey as I haven't been having wifey hours---it's just been crazy at work (my motto the whole week was "this too shall pass" and i pray that work will go back to its normal pace). 

This morning, I went to market and shopped for raw produce.  Went back home to have an omelette-black coffee-and-strawberries breakfast.  Then I started cooking Chicken Arroz Caldo and Tokwa't Baboy (will share the recipe soon!).  I was able to do 80% of both dishes before having lunch.  After lunch, it was finally "me" time!  Two episodes of "Chuck", a good read of one of the "Shopaholic" book series and a two & a half hour nap. I feel great!  Refreshed, revived, happy. 

I messaged the Husband that his Chicken Arrozcaldo and Tokwa't Baboy's waiting for him and he thought it was a great surprise.  He then messaged "I also have a surprise for you" back at me.

He surprised me with a slice of Chocolate Mud Cake...
Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake

And with that, he said it was his way of saying "Thank you for cooking delicious homemade meals at home".  Awwwww.  It's just a small gesture and yet it melted my heart.  Thank God for understanding, sweet and generous husbands, right?

Now I'm off to enjoy my Friday night watching koreanovelas and having Peppermint Tea with this sinfully delicious cake.

Happy weekend everyone!