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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some Wednesdays Spent With Coffee

Some Wednesdays I give myself a treat.  I get out of work "earlier than early" and I go to a cafe and order a cuppa.  Sometimes I call a friend of mine to join me.  Sometimes one of my friends will find me sipping my cuppa inside the cafe and he or she will join me.   Sometimes I am alone reading an e-book or watching people pass by as I savour my coffee.
Coffee Culture (6 Nov 2010)

I stay there for an hour and a half tops.  Then my Husband will drop by to pick me up and we will go home together.

An hour of good coffee in the middle of the week.  A rejuvenating moment to give me some respite on a busy week. 

I sometimes have my affair with coffee on Wednesdays because I don't want to wait for my "me" time on Friday.  I don't NEED to wait.

What about you?  What reward do you give yourself on a hump day?