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Monday, January 17, 2011

Restaurant: Harbour Front Restaurant (Wollongong, NSW Australia)

After our afternoon tea at lee and me, we went back to the hotel to rest a bit and freshen up.  Still had no idea on where we will have dinner, we surfed online and found that there are a few good-looking restaurants near Flagstaff Hill. 

We went out to dinner early so we can hang out by the beach and get ourselves a good table before dinner time.

It was nearly sunset when we arrived and this was the view that welcomed us...

Wollongong 2010

Wollongong is known as the only place in the east coast that has two lighthouses.  A small, old lighthouse is located at the end of the breakwater.

Wollongong 2010

The big light house is located at Flagstaff Hill.
Wollongong Lighthouse 2010

It was near the small lighthouse where we found a place to have dinner.  Harbour Front Restaurant is a lovely and romantic place with a view of the harbour. 

Since we were still full from what we had during afternoon tea, we just ordered two mains and shared both dishes with each other.

We had the Crispy Skin Snapper Fillet with white anchovy caper escabeche.  It came with sauteed fennel red capsicum and zucchini.  Light and flavourful.  Perfect for the summer heat.

Harbour Front Restaurant

Dinner won't be complete without some meat so we had their Prime Rib Eye Fillet Steak

with luscious mushroom sauce.  One of the best steaks I've ever had.  Tender and perfectly cooked.
Harbour Front Restaurant

We enjoyed the relaxed environment as we savoured the dishes we ordered.  We hope to dine here again when we visit in the future.
Harbour Front Restaurant

After dinner, we hung out by the harbour and walked a bit, took photos.  The photo below is one of the best photos we took on this trip and will always remind us of how beautiful Wollongong is.

Wollongong 2010

Harbour Front Restaurant
2 Endeavour Drive
Wollongong Harbour
Ph 02 4227 2999

"A Wife's Charmed Life" visited Harbour Front Restaurant as an anonymous guest on 20 January 2010.

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