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Friday, September 16, 2011

Buy Concert Tickets Online

Just last night I tweeted that I ache to watch a musical.  

It's been awhile since the Husband and I have been to the theatres.  The last show we watched was KAOS in  Resorts World Manila and that felt like ages ago.  There are a few musicals that seem to entice me but not enough to make me buy us a ticket.  I'm actually looking forward to next season's musicals (I heard "Annie" will be in Sydney early next year) so I'm waiting for that.

In the meantime, Husband and I are eyeing some concerts that we may want to watch.  We are not into concerts but once in a while we let ourselves experience watching great performers on stage and listen to them sing.  Nowadays, there are so many concerts happening all over the world and you can get cheap tickets online such as Jennifer Lopez tickets, Enrique Iglesias tickets, Luis Miguel tickets, Vicente Fernandez tickets and Marco Antonio tickets.  If you want to check out more artists who are might soon be having concerts, the power is already in our hands with just one click of a mouse.