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Friday, November 25, 2011

Style Musings: Jelly Sandals and Rainboots from Holster (Updated)

Sydney doesn't used to have as many rainy days as before and it is becoming worse. Now, it goes on and on for days.  It's not that I hate the rain, I do love rain.  But if it rains from morning til night, the whole week, it can be a hassle for everyone.

For quite sometime, I've been on the lookout for a pair of rainboots on sale.  I do a lot of walking everyday and it seems practical to just wear rainboots when it rains.

This week, I tweeted about my need for a pair of rainboots because it's been raining the whole week.  Two days ago, my dear friend Rache messaged me about pairs of wellies on sale and sent me a link to a website called Holster Australia

Went to the website and found a simple but stylish pair of rainboots for only AUD$25.00!  They were on sale!  Ordered them online and arrived this morning--that was quick. :)
Fleece lined natural rubber and a removable jewel belt

It's the kind of rainboots that I've been looking for for the longest time.  While I find printed colourful rainboots really cute, I feel that I need something more of a neutral shade so I can easily pair them up with my wardrobe.  Plus, I wanted a pair that doesn't look too rugged or too "rubber" in appearance.  The pair I got from Holster doesn't looked like rainboots.  It actually looks like a normal pair of boots with blings. 

And yes, the blings!!! Oh how I love that they give a little "oomph" to these pair of rainboots.  If you don't want blings on your rainboots, you can easily detach them.

Another good thing about these rainboots is that it has a fleece lining so you don't really feel like you are wearing rainboots.  It's very comfortable and keeps your feet and legs warm.  It's perfect for Winter too!

Edited (26/11/11, 1:39PM): Since it was raining the whole day on Friday and it so happened that we're going to our relatives' place for dinner, I wore my rainboots for the occassion.

I looked at other Holster products and found a pair of Jelly Sandals on sale too.  Now when I see Jelly Sandals, I think it's something I could wear during summer at the beach or at the park.

The Jewel Gladiator jelly shoes has blings as well.  With the right wardrobe, these pair can also be worn in casual affairs.

Check out Holster Australia for more rainboots and jelly sandals at . Good news:  free shipping for Australia Wide orders.  They also ship internationally so check out where they deliver.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!