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Friday, November 25, 2011

Beauty Stash: The Face Shop in Sydney

I first saw The Face Shop when I vacationed in Manila but it was only when I traveled to Seoul that I found interest to shop there because in Seoul, they give away a few freebies and samples.  When we passed by one of their branches near our hotel, they were giving free gifts if you purchase a certain amount.  I decided to try their lipstick and blush and they turned out to be good products for me.  In return, they gave me a bottle of Rice Water Bright Make-up Remover and lots of sample sachets from their moisturizing line.

It was only in Sydney that I got to use the Rice Water Bright Make-up Remover they gave me and I love it!  My skin loves it too.  Other than removing make-up, it moisturizes my skin, keeps it soft and doesn't cause me any break-outs.  I don't even have to wash and moisturize my face anymore after I've used it at night. 

I believe there is a branch of The Face Shop somewhere in Sydney but since I work in the city, I couldn't be bothered looking for it.  Thank goodness for online shopping, I get to buy my Korean make-up and cleansers online.

A few weeks back, as I was running late to meet up with the Husband in the city, he called me and said, "Guess what?  They've opened a branch of The Face Shop in Townhall".  What joy!  And what a relief to have a branch so accessible to one of the train stations we frequent.
The endorsers of The Face Shop:
Kim Hyung Joong (from the KDrama Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss)
Park Min Young (from the KDrama City Hunter)
Now that I have access to The Face Shop, I can try out their other products which I find reasonably cheaper than other brands. 

Customers are welcome to bring home posters of Kim Hyung Joong so I got a few to give to my mum and whoever may like him.  See how massive the poster is (below)...spell HUGE hehe.

Speaking of trying something new from their store, I bought the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam last night.  I figured since I'm already using the make-up remover, why not try the cleansing foam too.  I love it as well.  I easily felt that my skin is simultaneously being cleansed and moisturized while I use it.  It doesn't make my skin oily too.

If you would like to visit The Face Shop, it is located at The Galleries Victoria (500 George Street, Sydney).