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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pastry Lunch at Cafe Bariloche

Moving to Sydney has influenced me to become a bit creative with how I eat and enjoy my food.  This place is a foodie's haven as this city is composed of different cultures from all over the world.  Everywhere you go, you'll see cafes and restaurants specializing in a cuisine of your liking.  

It was not intentional but I've been having some interesting meals depending on whom I eat with or what the occasion is.  I sometimes have Pastry Lunches and Pub Grub Lunches with workmates.  Last year, I gifted the Husband with a Pastry Brekky for his birthday.  When my Mum was here, I introduced her to a Dessert Dinner.  

My latest favourite lunch adventure is having Pastry Lunch with my workmate.  She's a foodie like me and we enjoy having foodie conversations all the time.

We're lucky that our workplace is surrounded by several cafes and restaurants--and good ones at that.  One day, we decided to have a Pastry Lunch at Cafe Bariloche which is known for their best-tasting Meat Pies and Empanadas.

Cafe Bariloche is a pastry shop in Glebe and they only sell nothing but savoury and sweet pastries, plus coffee. I like the exclusivity that "just pastries" entail, there's something sacred about that.  Their shop is small but regulars like us always get a table.

Everytime I eat there, I always get a savioury pastry for my main meal and a sweet pastry for my dessert partnered with a hot cup of coffee.  

Their bestseller is their huge Empanada and it is what I always order for my main meal.  

The pastry baked to perfection, the innards of minced beef is always juicy and mildly spicy.   What makes it more of a winner is that it has boiled eggs and olives.  Really yummy!

For dessert, I love their Custard Pie.  It's creamy, smooth and at the same time, I taste a tinge of lemon.  It's refreshingly sweet but not cloying.

Yesterday, we went out to have Pastry Lunch again but they've ran out of the Custard Pie (*gasp* *sad face*)

I chose to have the Apple Danish instead and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Their Apple Danish is exceptionally beautiful as it was abundant with apples.  

Cafe Bariloche also makes the best meat pies in Sydney and a few other sweet pastries.  If you're in Glebe, drop by for a cup of coffee or buy some treats for take-away.

333 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Phone: 9660 3524
Open for Breakfast and Lunch