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Friday, September 21, 2012

Beauty Stash: Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng

The Husband considers me a Shampoo-and-Conditioner Collector because whenever I find shampoos on sale, especially ones I have not tried before, I buy them. The Husband calls our bathroom, much to my embarrassment, a museum for shampoos and conditioners. 

My love for shampoo and conditioner (S&C) stems from the fact that I love my hair. I can't afford to go to salons and have treatments (it's just so bloody expensive here!) but I have it regularly trimmed and styled by my trusted Korean hairstylist every two months. At home, I've somehow collected different brands of  (S&C) because I use about 3 kinds of S&C in a week--my hair is healthy that way. 

The things I do to have healthy hair: 
(1) I do deep conditioning treatments at home.
(2) During winter, I only wash my hair with water on days when I don't go out.*
(3) During summer, I wash my hair with baby shampoo on days when I don't go out.*
(4) I sometimes apply Argan Oil to give additional hair moisture.
(5) I almost never use styling products.
(6) I avoid colouring my hair since I turned 25 years old.  

*I use baby shampoo or wash my hair with just water as a way to rest my hair and scalp from harsh chemicals.

I've always wondered when I'd be able to try Organix. I've seen it in supermarkets and read good reviews about the brand but I find it a bit costly. When I dropped by the chemist a few weeks ago, I saw big bottles of Organix on sale AND it has a Cherry Blossom Ginseng variant. I couldn't resist so I bought it.

What I love about the Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng S&C:
  • It has all the ingredients I'm fond of: cherry blossom, ginseng and rice milk
  • It smells wonderful
  • It leaves my hair soft and hydrated ALL DAY!
  • It doesn't contain lauryl/laureth sulfates and parabens.
I hope that by the time I finish these bottles, they'd go on sale again. I've come to love Organix and would love to try their other variants.