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Friday, November 2, 2012

Style Musings: Casio Retro Watch

The 80's is back, fashion-wise that is. The peplums, loose shirts, bright colours, pointy heels, lace shirts and dresses are back in style there days. Even Casio's retro watches are back!

When I saw a Casio Retro Watch on sale, I bought it right away because I love timepieces and it would be great to add to my little collection. It's a fun watch as it has an alarm and you can turn on the backlight when you're in the dark (reminds me of my kiddie watches in grade school). Since it's a classic style, it's easy to pair up with most outfits.
Style Musings: Casio Retro Watch
 I love 80's fashion (that's why I even had an 80's themed party this year) and I noticed that I always have something that's reminiscent of the 80's era in my wardrobe. There is always something good when styles from another decade comes back as it's nice to buy clothes and accessories we're once comfortable in. 

What item/s have you bought recently that's hailed from the 80's?