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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)

Note: AWCL visited Mamasita on 20 January 2012.
From the best Spanish restaurant for lunch, our next meal was at Mamasita, considered one of the best Mexican places in Melbourne.

Thanks to a good friend's tip, we mentioned this to our Melbournian friend as a place for dinner and meet-up  and luckily, she also wanted to Mexican food with us.

We arrived at Mamasita early as we've been warned that the queue gets really long during peak hours. And true enough, we arrived around 5:30pm and there was a line. The place was packed!

We got ourselves a good table nonetheless, thanks to the accommodating wait staff.

The place is dark after sundown that it was difficult to take food photos. Thank God for a camera that had high ISO settings plus the use of Curves in Photoshop, I share with you a number of decent photos.

I'm unable to specifically tell you how each dish tasted like but I assure you that each dish served to us that night tasted perfectly. The Husband and I left Mamasita with a full tummy and a wish that they'd open a branch in Sydney.
Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)
A rundown of what we had that night:

Tecate Cerveza which I had a few sips just to know what it tasted like. 
P1140Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)493
Totopos (Tortilla Chips) with a siding of guacamole and salsa.
Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)
Tacos de Pollo filled with chargrilled chicken, avocado, chipotle mayo and queso fresco.
Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)
Quesadillas de Cordero stuffed with braised lamb, queso criollo, mint and jalapeno herb sauce.
Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)
Tostaditas de Carnitas. This is our favourite! Slow braised pork shoulder, encurtidos, pickled jalapeno and chicarron.
Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)
We made room for dessert that night.

Helado de Maiz. Sweet corn ice cream with caramel popcorn. This is another favourite of ours. A must eat when at Mamasita.
Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)
Pastel de Chocolate. Flourless chocolate cake with tequila white chocolate sauce.
Mamasita (Melbourne, Australia)

Level 1, #11 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: (03) 9650 3821