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Monday, February 18, 2013

Dinner at Mizuya (again!)

A week after having dinner with friends on my birthday week, the Husband and I went back to Mizuya the following week because I craved for their Spicy Karaage. It was that good!
I was early so I had time to take photos of the restaurant. They have a bar-type dining for patrons.
And a cubicle-type of dining area which gives patrons privacy while they eat.
Our dinner.
Takoyaki Balls (deep-friend octopus and potato dumplings).
The Spicy Karaage that satisfied. I could have this everyday.
The highlight of our dinner was getting a small plate of Crispy Chicken Skin. Soooo good! Thin crispy chicken skin served to us fresh from the deep fryer. This is a great partner to beer or rice (coz I'm Pinoy like that! Pwedeng ulam! Haha). This is definitely not healthy but a once-in-a-while indulgence won't be too bad. And be sure to share! 
That was one fun and delicious dinner. Since it's still Summer here in Sydney, we went out and it was still light. I shared this photo in my IG account but I'm sharing it again here because the sky was just too blue and beautiful that day. 

Basement, 614 George Street
Sydney NSW 
Phone: 02 9266 0866