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Friday, June 14, 2013

Jesus Christ Superstar (The Musical)

It was a musical like no other. Jesus Christ Superstar has been shown in cities all over the world, told in different interpretations. We are privileged to have experienced this spectacular musical produced in a big stage like Sydney Entertainment Centre. Well, the production wouldn't be called "the arena tour" for nothing. They showed in Sydney for only three days and each show, all tickets were sold out. 
Playbill, tickets and a fridge magnet to add to our collection
The Husband took the lead in getting us tickets as he was more enthusiastic in seeing JCS. While I've seen JCS way back in college, a production by Repertory Philippines, the promise of a rock musical in an arena piqued my interest too.
The crowd before the show. Full house!
Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot. He brought the house down with his commanding presence and powerful voice. He's the star of this show.
Ben Forster as Jesus Christ. Amazing and talented. He lit up the stage with his astounding voice. 
Melanie C as Mary Magdalene. It was a dream come true to finally watch a Spice Girl live and I'm so grateful it had to be Melanie C. She was a revelation! Her voice was fantastic, substantially powerful and yet soothing when needed. 
Andrew O'Keefe as King Herod. I've only known him as an Australian TV Host so it was my first time to see him sing and dance. He was extremely good! As in, wow! He brought King Herod's character into a different dimension. His part was only one song but he did it so remarkably well. 
This production showed a modern day JCS. They adapted the concept of Occupy London; social media came into play such as status updates in facebook and twitter; coverages from CCTV cameras; uploading videos on youtube; even one of the pharisees used a Macbook in one scene! I appreciated how they made JCS as current as possible.  
In a nutshell: If you ever come across this production and it promises a musical and rock concert in one, go and see it!  It's worth your money and time.