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Thursday, October 11, 2007

When One of Your Dearest Friends Blogs About You

I was feeling a little low at work today due to one of my participant's little dramas and I found it really hard to jumpstart my morning and so the rest of my day was like so-so.

When I got home I found a new entry on Armi's site entitled "Photos with Ibyang" and it made me smile and teary-eyed at the same time. I'm so touched!!!

So after dinner, I surprised her by calling her :) What joy it was to talk to her again. Laughtrip galore talaga pag magkausap kami. It's been a long while since I've heard her voice and its such great comfort to catch up with her even for just a bit. After talking to her, I feel good now, i'm happier.

I planned to do something for her as well, I just haven't worked it out yet and I'm trying to find the right time to upload/write it. So before we hung up, I told her "naunahan mo ako hane!!! dapat gagawa rin ako ng entry for you."

Basta, I'll do it later.

Here's the link to the entry if you want to see: Photos with Ibyang

Thank you my dearest Armi...know that I love you always.