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Friday, December 14, 2007

5-Minute Rant and De-briefing

5-minute rant starts now....

  • I'm tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I need a hug.
  • My arms and back hurt from carrying heavy stuff.
  • I hate shopping for Christmas gifts especially when I'm alone.
  • I hate using public transport when shopping. I had to wait 20 minutes for a taxi.
  • It was hot today.
  • I hated the fact that I only have a pair of hands and I can't carry all the stuff that I bought.
  • Wasn't able to drop by the travel agency (really need to make a visit soon!!!).
  • Life is unfair most of the time.

5-minute rant ends now.


  • I had another day off from work today.
  • I was able to go thru my day (which isn't actually over yet as it is only 4:30pm here) amidst my difficulty in juggling the plastic bags, trolley and my Christmas list. I was supposed to cut my shopping short pero kinaya ko na talaga. Might as well finish everything before going home, instead of going back tomorrow.
  • I was able to celebrate our 5th Syota-Anniversary today by having lunch at a very nice cafe in Parramatta.
  • I have money to buy Christmas presents for my loved ones; and
  • When I see their faces lit up when they open their present, I know it will all be worth the effort of shopping for their gifts.
  • I bought a book and shirt for ME!!!! (my consolation for a job well done).
  • My cuzin came home from the hospital today (happy yay!!!!) and its challenges.