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Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm Sorry Nicky

I realized this morning that I forgot to greet my cuzin and best friend Nicky a happy birthday yesterday . My bad...I only emailed him this morning when I realized the big mistake that I've done. I'm truly, deeply sorry Nicky...I hope you forgive me soon.

There are certainly no excuses for what I've done...and this forgetting people's birthdays (especially the ones that matter to me) should stop, right now. I have got to create a more effective device of making me remember to greet people on their birthdays--AS IN ON THE DAY OF THEIR BIRTHDAY.

This is not the first time. Since I had a major operation in 2003, I seem to remember people's birthday either BEFORE or AFTER only. As in naiisip ko talaga na okay malapit na ang birthday nitong tao na'to, tapos sinusulat ko pa yan sa calendar ko. I'm not making excuses for being forgetful by blaming the operation I had (believe me, if you know me well, you'd know that human errors are not an excuse for me), but this forgetting people's birthdays has become prevalent after I had that operation. My friends had always applauded me for being good at remembering dates---but now, I don't know.

Last December, ang nakalimutan ko namang birthday ay yung sa Maid of Honor ko (na super-duper close friend ko). So after that experience, I bought a Birthday Planner so that I have a planner solely for birthdays and anniversaries. That Birthday Planner was placed near my computer monitor at home and I make it a point to check it every week.

Now the not-so-funny thing was, I even emailed Nicky on March 12...and while emailing him, I was thinking, birthday nya na bukas pero bukas ko na lang sya i-email ng happy birthday. Sheyt na malagkit!!!!! Dumaan ang March 13 at ni hindi ko man lang sya na-greet. Lech!

I'm thinking that when Chris arrives here, I'm going to ask his help in making a big birthday calendar that will be our reference at home, and that we'll put it in a place where we can see it everyday. This will be our first project when he arrives here in Sydney.

And again...

Nicky, belated happy birthday---I hope my being forgetful didn't ruin your day so much. I'm very very sorry. Please forgive me?