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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Multi-tasking to the Max!

- Getting ready at the office, need to get at least three weeks of work done before I go on my vaycay

- Need to file my Flex days (day-offs) and Leaves (I just remembered today that I need to do it ASAP--I almost forgot)

- Finalize our Dubai and Singapore itinerary (Chris is the one doing Dubai--I already sent him my list of places to see, eat and shop in Dubai...I'm incharge of Singapore--I have yet to write everything down!)

- Work on preliminary preps for Chris' Welcome Party (sent out the invites via email)

- Buy pasalubong and prepare loot bags for friends in Dubai and Singapore

- Tidy up my room and make sure that Chris' clothes will have space in my closet

- Do a little shopping for what I would need (almost done)

- Get a haircut

- Celebrate people's birthdays (yes, life goes on, I'm never too busy to be there for my loved ones)

- Pack, pack and pack

- Work out (I briskwalk almost everyday, do home exercises and lift weights to build stamina, strength and endurance for travel--the last thing I want to happen to me is get sick and I need to be able to carry my luggages)

- Rest and get as much sleep as I can!!!!!

I've got about two weeks to do all of this---thank God for Holy Week and Easter Week: we've got two public holidays (Good Friday and Easter Monday) to look forward to.

Kaya Ko 'To...Aja!!!!