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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Anong ligaya ang nadarama,
Pag ika'y kasama na puso ko'y walang pangamba.

Pangako ko pag ibig ko'y iyong iyo,
Saan man makarating ikaw lang ang mamahalin,

Habambuhay, ikaw at ako ang magkasama
Sa hirap at ginhawa.
Habambuhay, sumpa ko'y ikaw lang at walang iba
Pangako ko ito habambuhay.

Mawalay man sa piling ko hindi mag aalala,
Pagka't pangako mo, Tayo habambuhay...

Habambuhay .. Pangako ko sa'yo..
Habambuhay .. Sa Hirap at ginhawa..
Habambuhay .. Sumpa ko'y ikaw lang..
Habambuhay .. Pangako ko ito..

Habambuhay... Pangako ko ...
Habambuhay... Pangako ikaw lamang ..

Habambuhay by Yeng Constantino

Photo: A Kiss by the Jumeirah Beach by Chris Sanchez

Today was a special day.

For the first time in our married life, we were (finally) able to celebrate our wedding monthsary together. No more email, phone call or greeting card...just an all-day-every-chance-we-get way of greeting each other "Happy 15th monthsary!!!" in big big smiles.

Ang sarap sarap sarap ng feeling! Sobrang na-miss namin na mag-celebrate ng monthsaries together. Since Wednesday, we've been reminding ourselves "Uy, monthsary na natin sa Sunday" with matching smile and twinkling eyes (sorry cheesy hehehe) pa yan. We were really looking forward to today's little celebration.

Kaya kaninang umaga, lumarga si Inday at si Dodong hahaha --- nataon na Sunday today kaya nagbiruan kami kanina na "day-off" kami :). Joke lang naman yun. Pero parang totoo yung joke kasi Friday night and the whole day of Saturday, most of our time was spent doing household chores like cleaning, groceries, laundering, cooking--we even only went out yesterday afternoon just to attend mass.

We didn't really do anything special today compared to our previous monthsary celebrations. We actually did the usual stuff we used to do before. I think a part of us just wanted to reminisce of the good "old" days hehehe.

All we did all day was eat, photograph each other while we eat and walk around the mall. Yes, those are the things we usually do when we go out.

We had breakfast at McDo coz we didn't have time to prepare and eat at home.

Walked around Westfield Parramatta coz it was Chris' first time to go there.

Then we had lunch at Oscars Cafe where we had pizza and squid salad. The food took awhile to arrive and as always, we photographed each other to pass the time.

When the food arrived, we totally forgot to take a photo of our food :( --i guess we were hungry after all.

After lunch we went straight to Max Brenner to have dessert where we shared a Belgian Waffle covered in chocolate. Chris had Mocha Chocolate in a HugMug and I had Peppermint Tea. Aliw ang mga glasses na ginagamit nila sa Max Brenner! :)

I was so full from all the food we ate all day. But more than anything, my heart was overflowing with happiness today knowing I'm soooo

by my husband who cares enough to celebrate our monthsaries even if we're already married.