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Friday, July 11, 2008

Red Capsicum

I didn't go to work today coz I was so tired from the party last night plus, it was freezing cold this morning (was so hard to get up) and so I decided to call in sick at work (wag gayahin ang masamang ehemplo hah!).

Husband and I went to the shops today coz I needed to buy groceries for tomorrow's lunch party with our friends.

One of the things I needed was a red Capsicum and it's only today that I realized how big Capsicums are in this country (actually lahat yata ng vegetables or fruits dito may large version). This was the smallest capsicum I could find...

it's bigger than my palm...

and even bigger than my cheeks!!! (susmio!)

Take note, that's the smallest capsicum we could ever find in the supermarket.