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Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday "Me" Time

I felt like this week was one of the longest weeks of my life so I decided to leave an hour early at work and drop by Gloria Jeans for a cup of coffee.

I was a few minutes late for my appointment with myself (ano ba yun???), my boss had to remind me that I should leave the office coz it was past 3pm already (coz I was plurking hahaha).

And so I left and I walked into the cafe to try their White Chocolate Mocha.

Since I only have limited time for myself and yet I wanted to do so many things, I decided to divide my time.

I spent about 15 minutes reading two chapters of the book I'm currently reading (Recipes for Perfect Marriages by Kate Kerrigan--funny, entertaining and insightful).

I spent another 15 minutes either staring into nothingness or watching people pass by the street.

The next 15 minutes I spent sorting out my thoughts, getting rid of negatives I felt for the past few days, replacing it with renewed positivity and motivation. Then sealed my short reflection with a prayer.

The last 15 minutes was spent looking at additional winter clothes but instead I ended up buying two pairs of colorful toe socks.

That's a total of one hour well-spent with "me".