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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tutti Frutti Tuesday

I had a long day at work today. Been working on September trainings then all of a sudden, a training program scheduled tomorrow got cancelled. The "ineedtogetthingsdonebeforeigohome" rush gave me a headache, I thought I was going to pass out. The worst part of all was I wasn't able to go home on time (I missed my bus!) even if I tried my best to run after it.

And so I decided to just wait for husband to come out from work so we can have dinner before going home. While waiting, I walked leisurely to Chinatown. The walk made me feel better. The weather was just right today, not too cold anymore as Spring is just around the corner (oh well, during the day it's not as cold but during early mornings it's still very much winter!). The cool breeze relaxed me, did wonders to the headache. Went inside one of my favorite Asian Video Store and looked at Korean DVDs. I can't find what I was looking for coz there's just too many, I can't seem to focus. Will definitely come back soon.

From Chinatown I walked towards George Street and there I met up with husband infront of Pepper Lunch. I've been craving for Pepper Lunch since last week. Hindi yata ako makatagal nang di kumakain ng Pepper Lunch! This time I ordered the Kawakara Loin Steak. It's a bit spicier than the Tokusen, Shimofuri or Hitokuchi. I liked it too. It would have to be my 2nd favorite 1st being the Tokusen (Rib Eye Steak). The husband ordered the Cut Steak and Hamburger--he always orders from the combination menu. We were so hungry we had 2 cups of rice each.

During dinner, husband and I talked about my latest misadventures at work and of a friendship lost over the net. Hayyyy life. Ganun talaga. People come and people go.

Anyway, I also told him that I was happy I was able to publish my Fr. Fernando Suarez story and that it got featured in For a moment it was there, but now, it's gone--I don't know how long it stayed there...I don't even know how it got there in the first place! The husband enlightened me on how it got there though when I told him about it.

Good thing, I captured it via Print Screen :) Souvenir! I had a feeling it won't stay there long.

It's under the "Discover a New Blog" Category...6th to last of the links there. Aliw lang ako :). Finally, all the hard work I'm putting into blogging/writing is paying off. Salamat talaga sa lahat ng nagbabasa at sumubaybay.

Today was a mixture of a good and bad day...of misfortunes turned into blessings. I may have a had a hard time at work today but at least I got to spend time with husband after work to break the monotonous go-home-after-work habit.

Hope you had a Tutti Frutti Tuesday too!