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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Weekend That Was

Sa totoo lang, weekend mode pa rin ako.

I'm here at home...and sick with fever, runny nose and sore throat. I believe the stress of moving has taken a toll on me so here I am, alone in our apartment having my nido soup for lunch.

With all the moving and getting the unit all cozied up, we managed to attend the Night Noodle Festival on Thursday night where I got exposed to a chilly breeze. I think that's when it all started. When we got home on Thursday night, I had a runny nose then.

Friday night, we attended a kapamilya's debut. Other than attending the party, Chris and I were the photographers for the event. We had fun and enjoyed the shoot and the partying with our relatives, however, we were so stressed that night. With moving and going to work (Chris came straight from work to the party while I took the day off because the fridge was delivered and I did laundry). Grabe! I've never felt so tired in a long time. Chris was the main photographer and for the first time, he left me on my own that night, as in he took a break outside the venue. Mygosh talaga.

On Friday I realized how hard it is to wear a dress now when going to parties. Nababawasan ako ng feminine factor dahil hindi na ako makapag-dress dahil photographer ako hehe. I was part of the 18 candles and decided to wear a dress BUT two hours before the event, I had to change to a pair of slacks. When going to parties before, all I ever get ready was my make-up, and hair, what outfit, bag and perfume to wear---puro kakikayan. Ngayon, when going to parties, inuuna ko muna mag-charge ng batteries, mag-impake ng tripod, flash, diffuser AT hindi na ako makapagsuot ng evening bag.

Oh well, it's ALL worth it. Iba pa rin ang fulfillment ng photography lalo na kung ang mga taong kinukuhanan mo ay sobrang sumaya ng dahil sa mga litrato mo.

Saturday was shopping day again. We bought groceries (kasi may fridge na kami!!! hehe) and other stuff like electric fan, sampayan, new placemats (I can never have too many placemats haha). Our unit is starting to feel like home now. The kitchen is the most setted up area in our place coz I made sure that almost all we need are bought beforehand. For dinner, we were finally able to use real plates!!! I finally got to unpack our Corelle box.

Yesterday, we stayed home, did cleaning and some sorting out of stuff. I started unpacking the luggages that holds our clothes. The goal for the day was to at least unpack two luggages. The plumber also dropped by to do some repairs. Last night, we were finally able to eat at a decent time (7:00pm) and slept at a decent hour (about 10:00pm). It was also last night that my fever gone up so no work for me today. And later this afternoon, I will be going to the doctor.

What about you? How was your weekend?