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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Affirmation: Live in the Moment and Enjoy Being

I will

live in

the moment

and enjoy being.

photo from vulcan75

Tips on How to Enjoy "Being":

(these are advices I give myself whenever I forget to just enjoy my here and now. I hope these will help you too)

Be always in the present. Wherever you are and whatever circumstance you are in, enjoy it, savor it...cherish it.

Count your blessings. While it is okay to dream or want something in life, it is never healthy to obsess too much for things you know you can't have at the moment.

Be grateful for your NOW. Remember two things: (1) Each moment passes by quickly--it may be over before your know it and (2) your next moment may not be as great or as happy, so live each moment as if it's the best moment of your life.

Keep in mind that challenges are a part of life and that it is meant to teach a lesson. Embrace it the way you cherish your joys in life and always find the lesson each challenge conveys.

Never take shortcuts. An unhappy moment is part of life and the only way to live fully is to manage feelings such as fear, grief, frustration, disappointments, etc. Give yourself time to heal. Cry and wallow if you must, but don't be a slave to your unhappiness. Being able to rise up and learn from an unhappy moment is a sign of growth (take note: there must be LEARNING as without it, growth will be futile).

I've shared this before and I will share it once again.

"My concept of 'Being' means embracing whatever life brings may be joy, sorrow, pain, hardships---the key is to cherish it (even if its painful) and learn from it. We honor our joy, we might as well honor our pain too. Life is so much sweeter when you know you're able to go thru happy or sad moments with no shortcuts."

- an ibyangism i learned when i moved in Sydney and found out that life is more beautiful when you have gone thru cherished tears

Here's wishing everyone a happy week ahead!