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Monday, November 3, 2008

Afternoon Delights

Since I had a very hectic week last week, I set aside time for relaxation and doing something that I haven't done in long while. 

Saturday Afternoon of Cheese and Wine with the Husband

Husband and I had a busy Saturday doing grocery shopping and household chores so in the afternoon, we had wine and cheese on our verandah before having dinner. We talked of how blessed we were to have finally found a place of our own. We talked of the good old days when we'd sit infront of our house in Taytay and dream of living in another country. Now, we're living exactly what we dreamt about three years ago.

Sunday Afternoon of Watercolor Paint and Brushes

Sunday morning was spent cooking and cleaning so in the afternoon, I chilled out by watching an episode of Heroes, blogging and by painting (!). I don't have the talent to really paint or draw but 
I love doing it because it makes me happy. I find it funny that even if I'm this old, I still paint like a kid.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!