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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Lunch Party and Some "Me" Time

I incidentally had a long weekend---that started on Thursday. I took a day off on Thursday because I needed to be at work on Friday (because I was supposed to attend a going-away dinner of a friend) but on Friday morning, the Husband had a low-grade fever and so I took him to the doctor and took care of him. He's been having slight fevers for two nights straight and on Friday morning, he felt body aches. According to the doctor, he has a viral infection. Thank God that was all.

Anyway, the highlight of our weekend was the little lunch party I hosted for my relatives on Saturday. It was our first time to host lunch at our home. Friday night, I was very busy cooking Chicken Afritada, marinating the Pork Barbeque and wrapping Spring Rolls.
Saturday morning was busy as I cooked the Pork Barbeque and Spring Rolls. We were so happy to see our relatives and to be able to have lunch with them in our home.

With the busy morning and happy lunch we had, Husband and I decided to take it easy for the rest of the weekend.

I had some "Me" time on Saturday afternoon as I enjoyed a glass of iced lemonade and read "Twilight".

Sunday, we just hang out at home, watching movies or TV. We are expecting another hectic week ahead of us so we just relaxed the whole day.

How was your weekend?