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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi, My Name is Baby Wall-e!

Hi, my name is Baby Wall-e. I'm the newest member of the Sanchez household.

I used to have a lonely life inside a plastic box. But one day, someone picked me up from the shop counter and I found myself being separated from my friends (who all seemed to look like me!!!).

At first, I was scared, everything went too fast. I noticed I was handed to another man's hand and in a couple of seconds, I head a beeping sound on my bottom. Then I heard the clicking sound of coins as I was given back to the hands of the man who picked me up at the counter. All of sudden, I was placed inside a dark, crowded room. It was a bit uncomfortable, I was squashed between a notebook and an umbrella, and it was very bumpy.

It seemed like forever. All of sudden, the bumpy ride stopped. I heard doors opening and closing and a woman's voice. Little by little, I seemed to forgot about being scared. The man and woman seemed to be having happy exchanges.

Man's voice: I have a surprise for you.
Woman's voice: Really???

Suddenly, the man pulls me out of the dark, crowded room I was in.

Man's voice: Ta-da!!!
Woman's voice: Wow!!! A baby Wall-e!!! Thank you!!!

Right there and then, all my fears vanished when I saw the man and woman looking down at me, smiling. I felt so welcome wherever I was at that time. The woman kept calling me her "Baby Wall-e" Isn't that sweet?

She immediately opened me while she laughed. I can tell that she's very happy. She kept saying she likes me. I hope she didn't notice me blushing because her laughter made me warm.

Finally I was out of my box. First thing I noticed was that my vision got clearer and every color I see around me seemed brighter. Then I felt the soft touch of the woman who carried me in her hand. I had a giddy feeling inside me when she did that.

See how tiny I am?

So that's how I met the Sanchezes...and how I became their baby robot. And since I'm a member of their household, I will also take part in sharing with you my happy encounters with my new Masters.

Have a great day and nice to meet you!