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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guest Room Up and Ready. Reunited with Tapsilog.

The Husband and I had a very busy and physically-taxing weekend. We were non-stop from Friday afternoon working on our guest room til Saturday night.
The Husband took a half-day off work on Friday so he can start assembling the bed. When I got off work, we met at the shops so we can stop by Big W to buy some stuff we need for the home and Woolworths for some weekly grocery shopping.
After dinner, we started painting the bed frame as we wanted it to have a more neutral look. We have no theme for the bedroom as it was a collection of old and new furnitures. The bed frame, mattress and a bedside table were the only ones we bought from Ikea. We have converted a stainless steel cabinet into a clothes cabinet. It came from the Husband's office (they were giving away free furnitures because they moved to a new building) together with a small bookshelf/bedside table that we decided to use as a bookshelf.
The paint we used was water-based so it was easy to apply, had no smell and dries after six hours of application. The first coating was done on Friday night. A second coating was done on Saturday morning.
On Saturday night, there were a lot of activites at home. Lots of moving furnitures here and there, getting rid of boxes, lifting stuff and going up and down the building to get rid of stuff we don't need.
There's still a couple of work to be done but our breakthru was that we had setted up the bed and placed all the other furnitures in their proper places. At least now, the guest room looks like a guest room (it looked like a storage room before) and whoever wants to sleep over now has a place to sleep.
On some kitchen news, I have finally discovered a yummy Tapsilog recipe (thanks to Pinoy Food) . I've been craving for Tapislog for the longest time and been planning to cook it for sometime now. So when I found this recipe online, I marinated some beef strips on Saturday morning and cooked it today for our Sunday breakfast.
We love it!!!! It reminded me of gimiks that ended too late but too early for breakfast but you and your friends are already hungry from all that dancing so you stop by a Pares-Pares Restaurant for a hot Tapsilog before going home. Ahhh heaven!