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Monday, March 16, 2009

Afternoon Delight with Bhenie

Meet-ups with blogosphere buddies were never new to me. But meeting up with a Multiply online buddy from the Phils who migrated to Australia--that is new.

Whenever an opportunity arises, I grab every chance there is just so I could meet my online buddies. So when Bhenie, an online buddy from Multiply, messaged me that she will be visiting Sydney, I was very very excited. For about three weeks, we have known of her Sydney rendezvous but never blogged about it, afraid to jinx it.

And so on the 13th of March, we met and said our "hellos" in person for the first time. I got off work early so we can hang out for most part of the afternoon. We started our afternoon delight by having coffee and cheesecake at Starbucks. At dun na nagsimula ang chikahan. :)

The day started with a cloudy weather, at may drizzles pa. Other than meet-up with her, I planned a short itinerary of where I would take her. It was her first time in Sydney so I really wanted it to be memorable for her. There was a forecast of thunderstorm for that afternoon but still, the whole morning I wished for a sunny weather.

After hanging out in Starbucks, the sun finally shone. Yay! We were blessed with blue skies for the rest of the afternoon. So we're both happy campers :).

I gave her the grand tour of the Circular Quay where you will find both the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

We had a lot of fun taking photos and laughing. Ang ingay-ingay namin hehe. The thing with Sydney is that we're very tourist-friendly, that's why you'll also find lots of people taking photos everywhere while exploring the city.

For dinner, we (the Husband and I) brought her to Bahay Kubo. Since I know that she's missing home, I asked her if she wanted to eat something Pinoy instead of the usual Aussie food and she said "yes".

I also invited my friend Chloe to join us for dinner.

We all shared an order of Sisig, Crispy Pata, Bicol Express and Pinakbet. Kain Galore!! :)

Our last stop was at our place. Konting chika pa hehe. Kung di lang talaga late na, malamang ay nagtagal pa sana sya sa aming munting tahanan.

We had so much fun til the last minute. Husband and I are happy that she'll be moving here soon and that we'll have an addition to our group of friends (Welcome Bhenie!!!).

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