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Thursday, March 19, 2009

They're here!!!!

I just want to share how happy I am parents arrived here in Sydney!!!! Thank God, their flight went well and no dramas at the airport. :)

A family photo as soon as they arrived at the airport...

I cried when I saw and hugged them, hence, the red eyes hehe

In just a few minutes after our reunion with them, we were all laughing already (me, the husband, my Tita Bess and Tito Andy) because my Dad was already on a roll making funny remarks. Yup, my Dad's definitely here because we're getting louder by the minute. Funny that only now I realized that I got my sense of humor from Dad.

My Mom, yes, the white-haired mestiza woman you see there is not really that old, but just had it in her genes (she got it from my Grandpa) to have white hair earlier than most women her age, is just so happy to be back in the Land Down Under, surrounded by her side of the family.

When we arrived at my Tita's place, where my Grandma also lives (Grandma as in the mother of my Mom), my Grandma said to me, "O ayan nakita mo na daddy mo" which I replied, "Oo nga eh, nandito na kakambal ko". Hehe. I'm still my Dad's little girl no matter what. :)

I spent the whole day with them at my Tita Bess' place where the rest of our kapamilyas arrived for dinner.

Our angkan's grand reunion has finally started! :) We are just waiting for my Tita from America (she will arrive tomorrow) and then it will be some a happier, more beautiful chaos from there.