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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tie A Yellow Ribbon In Your Heart

I woke up early today and the first news I read online was the demise of former President Cory Aquino. I thought it was a hoax once again so I went thru other websites to confirm the news. After 30 minutes, I woke the Husband up and told him the news. I asked him to take over the computer so we can watch news in the Phils. We were able to watch Julius Babao's DZMM radio show's video coverage and ANC. In ANC, they showed Senator Noynoy's official statement to the press a few hours after Tita Cory died. While we watched, I cried. It was very sad that her life here on earth is over.

I've never had any strong feelings towards her like I go around talking about how much I like her. However, I've always had this silent admiration for the kind of woman that she was. Whenever I saw her on TV, I'd watch her closely and admire her grace, courage, resilience, love for God, country and family.

The world is in mourning because we have lost a great person in Philippine history. I know all of us are praying for her. But let me also remind you to pray TO her...pray to her that we may have a better country, that can we please have a better Philippines. Now that she is closer to God, maybe she can hear us and maybe help us pray for our country.

Know more of her greatness via the Cory Aquino Website.