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Monday, October 26, 2009

BananaQ "Me" Time

Because I had so many things to do today (even if I was on a day-off), I spent my "me" time during lunch over a cup of Camomile Tea and BananaQ.

I attended an appointment and some errands in the morning and as I was on my way home, I passed by the Filo resto and saw that they were selling BananaQs today. I bought two sticks (one for me and one for the Husby) and was surprised to know that it cost AUD$3.00 per stick--mahal!!!!! If I convert that to PHPeso, that'll be approximately P120+. Mygulay! Magkano na ba ang BananaQ sa Pinas ngayon???? I seriously wanna know.

Oh well, I bought it anyway and savored it to the last bit while I drank a cup of Camomile Tea.

My "me" time today was very unusual as I spent it having lunch, watching "Ellen" and doing a batch of laundry. Usually, my "me" times are very sacred, as in no TV, no electronic machines buzzing on the background and most importantly, no household chores involved.

I had to bend the rule a bit and be more flexible today as I really have my hands full at the moment. October is just so so so busy for me and the Husband both at work and in the household.

I've been working on a big project at work as my team and I are about to launch a new training program next week (D day is 2nd November). I'm excited and I'm all wired up about it--some days I'm exhausted but I can't sleep much because I can't stop thinking about it. For the past week, I've been spending more time at the office or I bring home work with me just to beat deadlines--which is another rule I'm not following right now.

Husband, on the other hand, has been blessed with so much work as well. He has a project involving their company's branch in the UK. The past weekend was crazy as he was on-call from Friday night until Sunday. Some days, he works on UK time too, hence, he sometimes finish work at home by 2AM and then he still has to attend work in Sydney. Crazzyyyy.

As for the household, we've been juggling managing the home and attending parties :). This month, our weekends were spent mostly partying with friends and relatives--we attended housewarming parties, birthday parties, a welcome party, a debut and a wedding. Quota na kami!!! hehe. We're really grateful for the invites we received--for us, those were all blessings. We're sorry for the ones we weren't able to attend (yes, sa lagay na yan, hindi pa namin lahat napuntahan. Sorry talaga). And one more thing, we also hosted dinner for a friend who visited from Manila.

So there, a little update from our little world out here. That's why I'm sometimes delayed with articles and photo uploads. I'm sorry if I haven't been visiting blogs. I will surely bloghop as soon as things get back to normal.

Sending out positive vibes to you. Have a great and productive week!