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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cafe: Coffee Culture

The newest cafe in Blacktown, "Coffee Culture", has finally opened. Situated by the right side of the Westpoint's entrance, you won't miss this vibrant looking cafe.

The cafe made use of their high ceilings by enclosing their lightbulbs in funky-looking wooden spheres, making the ambience youthful and refreshing.

Interiors were a combination of leather and canvas and a play of brown and orange colors. Cozy and warm to the eyes.

Their sofa had an accent of aqua blue buttons and I love it! I just had to ask the Husband to take a photo of me with it.

Their very welcoming counter. Don't you just love counters that look organized?

I noticed their clean kitchen too (yes, I took a peak!) and their wide array of organic drinks inside their fridge while their shelves showcases different kinds of tea.

I like it when restaurants personalize their paraphernalias. At Coffee Culture, other than their plates and mugs (they were all in orange and they had the name "Coffee Culture" painted on them), they had their numbers (the one given to customers after they paid for their orders) personalized too!

I have tried two of their sweet mocha coffees: the Choffee (Chocolate Latte) and the White Choffee (White Chocolate Lattee). I love how they tasted. Very chocolate-y and yet you can still taste the coffee. And their coffee has this certain freshness that I can taste and smell.

With every order of coffee, they add two pieces of these crunchy coffee beans covered in chocolate. A first time for me to experience something like this and it was kind of interesting. The taste of their crunchy coffee beans gave that extra caffeine fix and it sort of becomes a supplement to the coffee I am drinking.

We've tried their Chicken Caesar Wrap, delicious and filling. We just ordered one wrap and my Husband and I shared this (the barista cut them into half).

Their Brownies are to die for--very rich but the sweetness wasn't overwhelming. The top part of the brownie had a thin chocolate frosting.

We've also tried a slice of their Carrot Cake which is different from other carrot cakes I've tasted. Their Carrot Cake had the usual frosting on top but on the edge of the cake, they had it covered in coconut. They also served it with whipped cream if ever you are wanting for some more sweetness.

I've been spending my "Me" times here now. Other than the delicious coffee and food, cozy ambience and friendly baristas, they also provide free Wi-Fi for an hour (just ask them for the access when you order).

I'm looking forward to the warmer weather in a couple of weeks so I can taste their cold drinks.

Now, who wants to have coffee with me?!?

All photos by Chris and Ivy Sanchez, Copyright 2009.