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Monday, December 14, 2009

Breakfast during Weekends

Breakfast on weekends are sacred. It is the first meal of the day and for my Husband and I, it is a chance for us to re-connect to each other after a whole week of working at the office. A way for us to start our weekend right. For us, breakfast, like a new beginning, is a celebration.

On Saturdays, we usually have a heavy breakfast. Fried rice, eggs, ham, sausages, bacon or corned beef--the works! Stuff we never get to eat during breakfast on weekdays (when we have work, we just have cereal and milk) so we make a lot of effort during Saturday mornings. On Sundays, we opt for a lighter breakfast like pancakes, ensaymada, champorado or oatmeal. On both mornings, we share our meals with a cup of coffee...always with a cup of coffee. Two of the things we like: Breakfast and Coffee.

Other than enjoying our meal, it is during this time that we talk of our dreams and plans, of things we want, of chismis (hehe), of places we plan to go or things we want to do for the day or the weekend. Sometimes we'd watch cartoons if we're both in the mood to see something while we eat. Sometimes the Husband will play songs we can listen to while we enjoy our meal. It varies. But always our breakfast starts with a kiss (no, that is not meant to sound cheesy at all, I meant that to sound as a fact).

Sometimes we'd have breakfast in our balcony. Yesterday, we did just that. We only had oatmeal and coffee so it was easy to bring it outside. The Husband brought out our camping chairs so I can be more comfortable.

It was one of those perfect start to an unhurried day. And it is probably the next best thing to having a picnic at the park with trees surrounding us while we watch the city come alive in the morning.

What about you? How do you celebrate breakfast at home during weekends?