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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vday Weekend

As always, the Husband and I never celebrate Valentine's Day by our lonesome. This weekend, we celebrated Vday by spending time with family and friends.

On Saturday, we prepared for two parties.

First stop was our barkada's Vday Salubong Party. Lots of food and booze. Upon entrance to our friends' place, we were greeted by roses (for the ladies of course) and B-52 shots.

The shots were drank by the ladies (except for one) because the husbands needed to drive :P. Good thing we all have husbands who never seem to mind their wifeys having a drink during parties and just enjoyed seeing us have a great time. 

After our party with friends, Chris and I went straight to our relatives' place. My auntie and her family hosted dinner for her brother-in-law's family from Vietnam. So nice to be able to catch up with them. Again, lots of food. Chris and I were so full from all the food we ate.

Today, we just did the normal Sunday activities that we usually do. Nothing special, just attended mass and ate lunch at home. We never really treat this day any special. What's special though was that I got myself lots of keys---heart-shaped keys on a bracelet that the Husband gave me.

So how was Valentine's Day for you? Hope you had a good one.