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Saturday, March 20, 2010

He Can't Live Without Me

One thing about me and my Husband is that we are not much into words. Yes, we have the occassional letters, notes and we always express simple affection towards each other. However, we never liked talking about promises or saying grand statements like "You complete me!" hahaha. When it comes to our relationship as a couple, we believe that love is not love unless manifested in actions. We are a "less talk, more action" kind of couple. We both don't make promises to each other and we both don't mind NOT hearing them.

While writing this, I remember the moment we got engaged. His unique way of saying that he wanted to marry me was to show me a family (parents pushing their baby on a stroller) walking past us in a mall and said "I want something like that". And he was able to convince me to marry him because he never told me promises, instead, he showed me a clear example of what he wanted our life to be in a few years.

No matter how much I share some cheesy stuff we do or say to each other online, that is just that. Mind you, the surprises and our times together are never intended for romance (we are not romantics) but we do those cheesy stuff only for fun and we just like amusing each other. We just like making each other laugh.

And so if you'll ask me before if my Husband can't live without me, I'd reply to you, "I don't know." Because I really don't know...because he never said so...and I had never asked. Thinking about it now, that might be kinda weird 'no? We've been together for seven years now (bf-gf for 4 years and married for 3 years) and I never knew the answer to that question.

Until two weeks ago. We were talking about going home to Manila and we had a couple of "what if?" questions one of which was this:

Me: What if you need to vacation in the Philippines without me? Will you still go?
Him: It depends how long my vacation is
Me: What do you mean?
Him: Kung sandali lang pwede
Me: Eh ano naman kung matagal
Him: It wouldn't be the same without you vacationing with me
Me: How can it not be the same, eh it's the Philippines? That's home! If you vaycay without me, you can go wherever you want and see whomever you's the limit coz I won't be sagabal to your gimiks.
Him: I can't vacation alone for long without you
Me: Aha! Are you saying you can't live without me now???? (trying not to laugh)
Him: (looking like an embarrassed school boy) *pauses a bit* Yes

So that's how I learned that he can't live without me. :)

To my dearest husband, happy 38th wedding monthsary. Thanks for taking me out today and thank you for days that turn out extraordinary just because I learn about things I never knew before. Our marriage is indeed one big adventure :)