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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pre-Natal: Tom and Ara

It's always such a joy hearing news of couples having a baby. And it's always extra special when those kind of news come from good friends.

When I learned about Tom and Ara's pregnancy, I screamed with so much delight. Ara and I were walking on the beach a few days after my birthday when she told me the news about her pregnancy. I was totally ecstatic when she told me I will be the godmother of their little bundle of joy, it felt like a belated birthday gift.


Two weeks ago, our barkada were at the park to celebrate a friend's birthday. We took the opportunity to take a few shots of the soon-to-be parents Tom and Ara.

Chris and I thought it was the perfect concept for a pre-natal shoot. Trees for the symbol of life. Autumn colors which symbolize the season. Changing of leaves for the symbol of growth.

To make the pre-natal shoot a bit different and more special, I asked our other girlfriends to join in the shoot.


We hope that when Tom and Ara's little bub sees this photos of ours in a few years, she will know how much she means to us.

This is my Husband and I's first pre-natal shoot and we are grateful that Tom and Ara trusted us in capturing a very special moment of their lives.

Pre-natal Shoot for Tom and Ara
Bicentennial Park (NSW, Australia)
17 April 2010

All photos by Chris and Ivy Sanchez, copyright 2010.
Cameras: Canon 7D, 30D and 400D.
Lenses: Canon 17-85mm, Canon 50mm and Fujinon 55mm
Flash: Canon 430EX and Canon 270EX