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Monday, April 26, 2010

Fruit Fixes For The Day

I get my fruit fixes for the day by eating fruits during morning and afternoon tea. Sometimes, I make fruits my appetizers before my main course for lunch and dinner. Or make them my after dinner snack.

For my morning tea at work, I bring fruits in small containers. I slice them in small pieces the night before and keep them in the fridge together with my lunch box.

I have a foldable, re-usable fork (got them from instant cup noodles) that I use so I don't have to pick the fruits with my fingers.

The fruits I bring to work are usually watermelon, green apple, kiwi and grapes.

On days I wasn't able to prepare a fruit box, I buy bananas or strawberries on the way to work. Good thing we have a fruit shop a few doors ways from my office.

In the afternoons, I usually just have a warm lemonade or calamansi juice with honey when I arrive home. Aside from being a soothing drink for the throat, I also get my dose of vitamin C from it.

How do you get your fruit fix for the day?