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Monday, August 23, 2010

Being More Prepared For Monday

Does this ever happen to you?  You sleep late on Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday night, you find it hard to sleep early?  This is a usual scenario for me.  What makes it more difficult for me to sleep early on Sundays is because I sometimes nap in the afternoon.  Come Monday morning, it's so hard to wake up, I feel sleepy most of the day, I find it hard to focus sometimes and my energy at work can't seem to last til 4pm.

Off To Bed Early on a Sunday

Nowadays, I cannot afford to be not on top of my demanding work.  I'm currently having long days at the office and I really need to focus.  Lately too, I haven't been taking day-offs.  For the past two weeks, I've been working five days a week.  If you notice, I haven't been blogging much too.  Some days, I arrive home late.  When I get home, I still cook (when there's no more leftovers), have dinner and prepare lunch boxes for the following day.  Some days when I'm feeling exhausted, I just lie down on the couch, drink tea and watch TV until I fall asleep (the Husband needed to carry me to bed). 

So yesterday (Sunday), I made a plan and followed thru it.  Because I wanted to be more alert at work today and I want my energy to last the whole week (yes, another five-day work week for me--still no day-off) I did the following:

(1) Didn't take a nap in the afternoon
(2) Finished all my chores by 6:00pm
(3) Early dinner at 6:30pm
(4) Took a hot shower
(5) Turned off the computer at 8:00pm
(6) From 8:00-8-:30pm, I just watched TV while I drank my usual chamomile tea
(7) Read my "book of the moment" in bed by 8:30pm

My goal was to be asleep by 9:00pm.  And it worked!  I was asleep by 9pm!!!! I had a total of nine hours of sleep. 

The effect on me was tremendous.  I had more focus at work, I didn't feel sleepy and I don't feel tired even if I worked til 5:00pm.  And here I am, able to blog before I go to bed.  I feel great! 

Next Sunday, I'm definitely going to do my plan again because it worked for me.

Have a productive week, everyone! Smile!