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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Quiet Valentine

We usually celebrate Valentine with the "Kolokoys" (the name we gave our group of friends) but since we all had a busy December and January, we decided to give ourselves a rest from all the partying that we've done. 

This year, the Husband and I turned Valentine's Day into a Valentine's long weekend.  We decided to in sync our day-off today so we'll have an extra day of just staying at home.

We never usually go out on Vday.  I remember when we were still going out as boyfriend/girlfriend in Manila, we'd go home early, order take-away food from a restaurant and have dinner at home.  Our way of avoiding the crowd in restaurants and the traffic.

Since Vday's eve was a Sunday, we went to church as usual and dropped by the mall to have lunch and do some grocery shopping.

The only "special" thing we did was eat at this not-so-new Thai restaurant at the mall for the first time.  Hi Thai had been opened in Blacktown for awhile now but we never had the great urge to eat there. 

Hi Thai

Hi Thai

Hi Thai

We had the Mixed Entree which was the only dish from Hi Thai that I liked.  All four components on the plate: puff pastry, spring roll, fish cake and satay chicken were very tasty and flavourful. 

Mixed Entree

Their Pad Thai and Chicken Barbecue were average, not good enough for me to come back soon.

Pad Thai

Chicken BBQ

Today, we just rested and enjoyed the quiet of our home.  An ordinary day turned extra-ordinary not because it's Valentine's day but simply because we are together.

How was your Vday?