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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lindt's Winter Exculsive: Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

There's something about traveling together that makes us (my Husband and I) closer to each other that after we traveled, we missed being away from each other.  After our Manila & Seoul vacation, it took us almost four weeks to spend a whole day out together. 

It's very rare that we in sync our day/s off work because we usually allot that for our respective "me" times.  However, for our first day off work after vacation, we decided to align our schedules together and spend the whole day traipsing around the city.  Although we enjoyed our vaycay immensely, we found that we missed the laidback atmostphere and familiarity that Sydney brings.

Our date started with a late lunch at our newest Korean resto find (coming soon in the next entry) and then we just wasted time hanging out in the shops at Pitt Street.  A walk along George Street led us to the Apple Store where we just played with their devices and looked at gadget accessories.  We were on our way to Circular Quay for the Vivid Sydney when tea time came and it was fortunate that we were near Lindt Cafe

It was the first week of Winter and there were signs that they are offering their Winter Exclusive--the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate.

Lindt Cafe (June 2011)

I was looking forward to having coffee but when I saw their Winter Special, I immediately changed my mind and ordered the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate instead.

Chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts or toffee nuts are a favourite of mine so I had to take advantage as Winter is only three months. 

The limited edition Hazelnut Hot Chocolate is only available at the Lindt Cafe.  It combines the richness and earthy aromas of roasted hazelnuts and Lindt's dark or milk chocolate, with added honey and caramel for a perfect blend.

I smelled it from a few meters away as the waiter walks out of the counter to serve our drinks.  I was in hazelnut heaven from the first sip thereon.  The flavour of hazelnut was abundant and rich.  Truly perfect for chilly-snugly days.

Lindt Cafe (June 2011)

The Husband opted for his usual favourite: Cafe Mocha (Dark Chocolate was his preference for the chocolate).

Lindt Cafe (June 2011)

We shared a slice of their Wimbledon, a layered cake of mascapone and vanilla bean cream, almond vanilla cake, strawberry puree, bordered by shards of red and white chocolate.
Lindt Cafe (June 2011)

We've go two more months of the Winter Season so if ever you are near a Lindt Cafe, drop by and warm up with a cup of the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Lindt Cafe
Martin Place * Darling Harbour * George Street

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